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Who's coming to the Jungle with me? with Cat Kevern

November 23, 2022 Jack Saward & Karen Edwards Season 10 Episode 1
The Events Insight
Who's coming to the Jungle with me? with Cat Kevern
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If Cat doesn’t inspire you to say ‘YES’ to new opportunities in the events world, then no one will.

She is positive and passionate about all the live events she has worked on, even her year at Disney World didn’t dampen her enthusiasm!

She spent a year telling people to “stand behind the line” before the Parade started.

She has worked on some truly fantastic events, in locations that most of us can only dream of going to. Just take a look at Envision Festival in Costa Rica to get an understanding of what Cat gets involved with!

In her spare time (if there is such a thing for an events professional who is also a marketeer, graphic designer, and self-confessed personal development aholic) she is also part of the growing world of NOWIE–The Network of Women In Events.

By the end of the this conversation, you will realise that working is important, but so is taking timeout for your own growth and personal development. This was certainly food for thought for Jack & Karen.

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