The Events Insight

Our Own Events Language! - with Rita Chandarana

December 07, 2022 Season 10 Episode 3
The Events Insight
Our Own Events Language! - with Rita Chandarana
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The world of events is not only production, planning and people, it the detail and the making of lasting memories.

Rita and her family at Eventologists support clients with the details, the innovative theming ideas which make an event pop and stand out from the crowd.

Rita is passionate about bringing an event to life no matter what the size and shape available! There is a prop, a room dressing or idea to suit every type of event.

Having a background in marketing has helped Rita understand her clients brands, and desire to showcase their businesses, products or services.

Rita successfully combines family and business life–something many of us strive to achieve.

Enjoy Jack and Rita’s chat, you will certainly have an appreciation for the details.

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