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The Events Insight - Its a Wrap Season 10

January 25, 2023 Season 10 Episode 0
The Events Insight
The Events Insight - Its a Wrap Season 10
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Can you believe it, we have reached the end of another season and now here comes the best bit!  We get to review all the episodes with two of our fabulous listeners!

Olivia Preston-Lee is completing her fourth and final year of an Events Management Degree at Leeds Beckett University. On her placement year, Olivia set up her first business, a travelling bar, ‘The Thirsty Mares’, alongside this, Olivia freelances within the events industry. Currently, she is researching the ethics of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing and Events and plans to continue her studies on a Masters Degree in The Philosophy of AI. 

Francesca Rodriguez Balit is the Co-Founder & Event Web Specialist at Bbr Web Design and the Podcast Host of The Events Cast. Francesca helps event professionals build and improve their event websites to better market their events, create better event experiences and sell more tickets. Coming from a background in Event and Marketing, she believes there is a better, easier, and less stressful way of creating and managing event websites. That is why she built Bbr Web Design and Management, a small and friendly web boutique that offers exclusive web services for event professionals.

Heat what each guest thought were the best takeaways from each of our 6 guests… and the bonus episode, and why you should take the time to listen to them yourselves.



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